2015 Letter from the president

Dear Members of the Hilltop Guild,

It is always a pleasure to enter the Kelley House and see how many people are at work completing projects, preparing and attending workshops and getting beautiful things into the bins for the annual bazaar. The white elephant is receiving items and it continues to be a constant source of income – not just on bazaar day! Many also diligently continue the business of keeping the Kelley House cared for, thus the business of the Guild stays right on track. No matter the time of year or how many are in the building “things” get done. We are fortunate to have one another.

Perhaps your work schedule, distance from Allenspark or just the inability to attend do not allow you to join in the fun on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Keep in mind there are always opportunities to participate in being a member in other ways. Some that come to mind are computer work – yes, we have a Guild owned computer and scanning of many documents has been done but much more would be appreciated, right from the comfort of your own home. Maybe the grandkids are arriving later this summer; arrange a day with them to pick and wash berries or fruits for our jellies, lots of ziplocs are awaiting. Do you like a bit of quiet time? Arrange to come on in during the early fall and use the juicer – bring a book and let the juicer do the work – bottles are available there and the freezer will be humming. If you only have a day or two, please remember that the bazaar is August 1st – cashiers, baked goods, set up on July 31st and clean up the day of the bazaar, workers are always needed. These are just a few opportunities that come to mind. If you think of other ways you are able to participate, pick up your bright pink book and call any board member and offer your ideas and service.

Throughout the fall and winter a wonderful group of women formed an ad hoc committee and did an enormous amount of work in research to find proper ways to invest the Marge McCulloch dollars remaining in her memorial scholarship fund. We anticipate her dollars growing so that in time we will use only interest for an annual scholarship and the principle will remain. Talk about thinking ahead for the Guild’s gifts to our community.

As a result of the flood of September 2013 the issue of proper drainage around the building has been addressed. A large tree in the parking area has been removed (along with the root ball) so a proper swale could be developed to force water away from the building. New berms have been put in place and seeding has begun (more to come over the next 2 years). A wall around the back of the building coming towards the kitchen door is to be constructed. After all of this is successfully in place new flooring will happen throughout. These are all ways of safekeeping this fine old building. A budgeted item for this year was lampshades and they are now installed. Come on in and look up!

Scholarships have been awarded to 4 very lucky, grateful and deserving young students. Our website will show you their faces.

Take a look at your calendar, check out our website (www.hilltopguild.com) for details and think about how you are able to enjoy your Guild from near or far.

Hoping to see many of you over the next few months,

Judee Snell, Summer President

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