Vivian Fausset’s weaving class

December and January are sometimes quiet and cold inside of Kelley House.  Many members have left for warmer climates as wind rearranges the fallen snow.  But, this year member and Guild head-weaver, Viv Fausset, offered to teach a weaving class to interested locals during these wintery months.

So, in addition to the Warped Weavers who have gathered most Tuesdays to weave for years, new voices have been heard in the Loom Room.  The Fruits of the Loom (our two new male weavers – Mike Daley and Stu Boulter) have added lots of fun and excitement as have other students Ciana Grove, Deb Barrett, Diane Brauer, Jan Gill and Jasmine Holan ( did I forget anyone? )  Open to members and non-members the class was a wonderful outreach to the community and promises to bring some new members, too.

All Guild weavers, old and new, want to thank Vivian for all the time and effort she puts in sharing her knowledge of weaving with all of us and keeping the Loom Room humming.

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