Spring is here

It is time to fill in those sign-up sheets for projects and jobs to be done at Hilltop Guild this spring and summer.  Here is a reminder of our philanthropic activities on the beautiful board that hangs in the big room of Kelley House.  We are all looking forward to our Annual Bazaar which will be on Saturday, August 5th this year.  Save the Date!



Easter week potluck at Kelley House was especially colorful with decorations provided by our hostesses of the day, Deannie Anderson and Jan Gill.  There was even an Easter Egg Hunt which became quite competitive.  Here Donna Wooley and  Vera Wolfe scramble for a few candy eggs.  Claudia Osa had already filled her basket and darn if I know who the other head belongs to.


Projects are being worked on at members’ homes and also at Kelley House.  Here a fleece blanket is being worked on by Roz Doak, Claudia Osa, Marta Dowell and Joan Rogers. Donna Wooley  is resting up for the Easter Egg hunt and Kerri Badertscher supervises and takes a break from her jewelry making. This blanket will be for a Kansas State University fan. More to come.


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