Final Mini-Bazaar of 2020

Saturday, September 12 was the Hilltop Guild’s third and final Mini-Bazaar of 202o. Like the two previous Mini’s, this one was a big success. The early September snowstorm’s blanket of white from earlier in the week was only a memory and the sun and blue sky made for a perfect day.

Our COVID affected summer season was very different from normal ones and we missed seeing all of our members and friends weekly. We were glad, though, to gather for our fund raisers. Between discouraging the visiting BEAR and repairing his/her damage to the windows and interior, our members and “honeys”were kept quite busy. It was a banner year for Ponderosa pine cones, small rodents (mice, chipmunks, squirrels, etc,) and miller moths. We hope that next summer will bring a more “normal” season for the Hilltop Guild in what will be our 73rd year.

Check out some pictures from this fun day. Caption creation has evaded me, but the pictures tell the story pretty well…..

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