Our Tree Stump will soon be “Hilltop Guild Woman”

On November 17, 2020, Faye Braaten, the “Chainsaw Mama” started carving our large Ponderosa Pine Stump into a proud Hilltop Guild Woman. The top of this 30″ diameter tree toppled over during a windstorm in the fall or winter of 2019. A donation was made to the Guild to cover the expense of having this talented artist from Loveland, Faye, design and create Hilltop Guild Woman. Hilltop Woman will be joined by several craft items and forest animal friends before she is completed.

Faye said the process would take about three days to complete. By the end of the first day she was doing detail sanding on the sculpture’s head and face. It was fun to watch her work her magic. Guild Woman should stand proudly for many years to come – welcoming member, friends and guests to Kelley House.

Winter President Kitty Burton chats with Faye as the artist sets up her scaffolding and readies her chainsaw and tools.
The sun is already setting behind the trees as Faye uses a leaf blower to clean sawdust from her work area.
Blowing bits of sawdust from Hilltop Guild Woman’s neck.
Smoothing out those wrinkles with a sander. Hmmm. I think she is onto something there.

You can see many more of Faye’s creations at her website: http://www.chainsawmama.com

Check back soon to see photos of the finished product. And have a blessed Thanksgiving next week.

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