Bunce School

Come visit the Historic Bunce School within walking distance from the Kelley House OPEN  Saturday September 4, 2021 and Saturday September 25, 2021 between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm. 
This hand-hewn log school building was built in 1888 and operated as the only school serving the areas now known as Raymond, Riverside, Heathermeade, Peaceful Valley and it sounds like a few students came from the Jamestown area, too.  There was a school in Allenspark at the time, so those residents went to Allenspark.   The school operated until about 1940 when the districts were consolidated and students began attending  Allenspark or Lyons schools. 
The school also lent its’ name to the Bunce School Road which connects the Peaceful Valley area to the school and pre-dates the current Hwy 7 location.
After the schools merged, the building was used for various functions including fire station and offices, lending library, poker nights for fire fighters, square dances (one-square), voting location, Hilltop Guild meeting place, and  summer residence.   After about 1960 it fell into disrepair and was not used much, but was still owned by the Fire Department.   In the early 1990’s the Hilltop Guild became very interested in preserving and restoring the building.   It was eventually deeded over to the Hilltop Guild and re-joined the Kelley House property from earlier days.  During that decade, Guild men and women worked diligently to restore the building.   The old porch was removed and replaced.  Several foundation logs needed to be replaced and were hand hewn into squared logs for this purpose.   The Historically Registered building required authentic renovation – and got it. 
In the last twenty years or so, Guild and community members have donated antique school desks and other items from the era of the schools’ operation.  Under the loving care of Darlene Thompson, who has a long history with the building, the interior has become a kind of museum.   The Hilltop Guild enjoys sharing this treasure with our neighbors and guests during the summer months.   
Please bring your family and friends (and especially the kids) for a visit and a short scavenger hunt for relics of that era. Ride your donkey or pony over if you have one as the early students were known to do. We do maintain an operational outhouse, too. 
Visit free of charge – donations welcome to maintain the building.

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