Leadership transition for the new fiscal year

September 1, 2021 was the date of the first Board and General Membership Meeting of the Hilltop Guild’s 2020-21 new fiscal year.

The first order of business was to thank and recognize the hard work and dedication of the Board Members who served so faithfully in the year just completed. Here they are accepting the applause of the membership.

The next order of business was to install the New Board Members for 2021-22. You will notice that a lot of the same people are in this picture. Their continued dedication to the Hilltop Guild is just fantastic.

2021-22 Board of Directors
Left to Right : Kitty Burton – Past President (W), Jen Bell – President, Elisabeth Sherwin – Vice President, Emily Balduzzi – Director at Large, Barb Coles – Treasurer, Carol Halsey – Education/ Philanthropic, Marta Dowell, Corresponding Secretary, Donna Squyres – Past President (S), Roz Doak – Secretary

Jen Bell then conducted her first Monthly meeting of the Board and General Membership. She and the Board have exciting plans for the new year. Please check out the calendar of upcoming events.

At top left, Donna hands off the gavel to New President, Jen Bell.

It was a great day at the Kelley House as members gathered with their sack lunches inside the building. Masking was encouraged unless eating. It just felt so great to be gathering for a meal again.

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