Wintertime at Kelley House

In December and January snow piled up around Kelley House and kept the snowplows and shovels busy.


By early March our board members huddled around a table in the main room of Kelley House where it was chilly enough to require winter coats to be worn for their meeting.

IMG_7731Left to Right are Donna Squyres,  Joan Rogers, Elisabeth Sherwin, Jan Peters,  Deb Barrett and Barb Coles.

Wednesday potluck lunches resumed on March 1st and members enjoyed being together each week.

As St. Patrick’s Day approached, several leprechaun’s and shamrock’s were sighted at Kelley House.


Spring is just around the corner and we look forward to seeing all the members of the Hilltop Guild in coming weeks.  We also look forward to seeing spouses, families and friends and the new members who will find there way to Kelley House in 2017.

2016-17 Hilltop Guild Officers

Remember the lovely fall 2016! Kind of hard to imagine as we are now buried in greater-than-average snow depths here in January 2017.

But, back in September 2016 a new slate of officers took over their duties and will serve through August of 2017. Sorry these pictures are being posted just a few months late.


Here, outgoing President Peg Daley hands the gavel to incoming President Marta Dowell.


And the new officers are (Left to Right) Marta Dowell, president; Deb Barrett, vice-president; Donna Squyres – Education and Philanthropic; Peg Daley – past president;  Joan Rogers – corresponding secretary; Jan Peters – winter recording secretary; Roz Doak – summer recording secretary; Barb Coles – treasurer.  Elisabeth Sherwin (not pictured) – director at large.

Many thanks to these dedicated and talented ladies for leading us through the next year.



Vivian Fausset’s weaving class

December and January are sometimes quiet and cold inside of Kelley House.  Many members have left for warmer climates as wind rearranges the fallen snow.  But, this year member and Guild head-weaver, Viv Fausset, offered to teach a weaving class to interested locals during these wintery months.

So, in addition to the Warped Weavers who have gathered most Tuesdays to weave for years, new voices have been heard in the Loom Room.  The Fruits of the Loom (our two new male weavers – Mike Daley and Stu Boulter) have added lots of fun and excitement as have other students Ciana Grove, Deb Barrett, Diane Brauer, Jan Gill and Jasmine Holan ( did I forget anyone? )  Open to members and non-members the class was a wonderful outreach to the community and promises to bring some new members, too.

All Guild weavers, old and new, want to thank Vivian for all the time and effort she puts in sharing her knowledge of weaving with all of us and keeping the Loom Room humming.

2016 Bazaar Raffle Prize Winners

Barb Coles of Allenspark won the bear quilt created by Diana Boulter,
and Linda Eller of Raymond won the “Old Wagon Wheel” framed print from
Darlene Thompson.
The Doll House went to Charmaine Huss of Peaceful Valley, and her
5-year-old daughter was excited about playing with it.
The Decorated Gourd from Vicki Dyas went to Christine Futro of
Allenspark, and the Cloth Santa was won by Liz Chapa, a guest of Vicki
Dyas of Raymond.
The Knitted Wool Pullover Wrap from Judee Snell was won by Pennie
Close of Columbia, Mo., here visiting family in Boulder.

Bazaar Donations

Do you have something you would like to donate for our annual bazaar?  Donations will be accepted on Wednesdays from 10:00 – 2:00 through August 3rd. If Wednesday doesn’t work please call Lana Arbuthnot (303-747-2895) for white elephant items, Marta Dowell (303-747-1717) for collectibles, Percy Lopez (303-459-3274) for boys toys and Peg Daley (303-747-1122) for books.

Dues are due!

2016-2017 dues, $20, are due as of July 1, 2016.  Contact Marilynn Sweangen or Vera Wolfe.  The new Yearbook will be ready in September; only paid members will receive one.  If you want one mailed include an extra $1 with your dues.  Also, please send any name, address, phone numbers, e-mail address, etc. changes or corrections to Marilynn Sweangen.