The Warped Weavers


The Warped Weavers meet on Tuesdays at Kelley House.  We are willing to teach newbies and welcome experienced weavers.  We have six floor looms, two table looms, two Inkle looms (they make belts or straps that can be sewn together for all sorts of things).  Note too, that if you have a project and want company, come over to Kelley House on Tuesdays with your own lunch, and join us for fun, fellowship and a neat way to get some work done!  We start about 8:30-9:00 AM and go until 3 PM.

Pat Meisel is weaving a pastel baby blanket, Char Todd weaving recycled plastic bags into all sorts of things; Marge DeMoudt is starting on ‘rep weave’ placemats, Colette McDonald and Marta Dowell have projects in the beginning stage – so you see, we need help and are willing to teach as we go along.


Viv Fausset is weaving one of the 2013 raffle items – a light weight wool blanket made from donated materials  – Roz Doak spun the thread from hand dyed fleece, and the other threads came from our ‘stash’.