The Warped Weavers

The Warped Weavers meet on Tuesdays at Kelly House from about 9 am until midafternoon. Working on ten floor looms, the weavers create items to be sold toward the support of the Guild. Many smaller looms are available including a table loom, rigid heddle looms, and Inkle looms, each with its own characteristics and items produced.

The weavers include women of the guild, called the Warped Weavers, and some of the guild husbands, called the Fruits of the Loom. Each person weaves a project of their choice: Diane enjoys weaving wool rugs; Donna, weaving with plastic yarn cut from plastic grocery sacks (“plarn”) creates tote bags; Stu and Kathryn weave shawls; Jane weaves a cushy bathroom rug; and Mike weaves rugs with strips of cloth cut from cast off T-shirts. Our pioneer ancestors utilized/recycled cloth from its first purpose as clothing into rugs, placemats, blankets and straps. Our projects often imitate their efforts and thriftiness.

The weavers are always ready to demonstrate their craft and willing to teach newbies. Several times a year structured weaving classes are offered on the floor looms, the Inkle looms to make shoe strings that won’t come untied when hiking in the mountains, or scarves on the rigid heddle looms. Seasoned weavers are welcomed into the fold.

Stop in on Tuesday (weather permitting in the winter) to see what we’re weaving. Bring a sack lunch if you have time to spend the day with us. Come, join the fun!


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