Wintertime at Kelley House

In December and January snow piled up around Kelley House and kept the snowplows and shovels busy.


By early March our board members huddled around a table in the main room of Kelley House where it was chilly enough to require winter coats to be worn for their meeting.

IMG_7731Left to Right are Donna Squyres,  Joan Rogers, Elisabeth Sherwin, Jan Peters,  Deb Barrett and Barb Coles.

Wednesday potluck lunches resumed on March 1st and members enjoyed being together each week.

As St. Patrick’s Day approached, several leprechaun’s and shamrock’s were sighted at Kelley House.


Spring is just around the corner and we look forward to seeing all the members of the Hilltop Guild in coming weeks.  We also look forward to seeing spouses, families and friends and the new members who will find there way to Kelley House in 2017.

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